Hurricane Maria Live Updates: Puerto Rico Faces Recovery Challenges Top News


Hurricane Maria Live Updates: Puerto Rico Faces Recovery Challenges Top News

• It remains too early to tell what impacts Maria may have on the East Coast of the United States. Even if the storm does stay out in the Atlantic, “dangerous surf and life-threatening rip currents” are expected along the coast.

• The death toll from the storm around the Caribbean was at least 27, according to The Associated Press: 15 deaths in Dominica; six in Puerto Rico; three in Haiti; two in Guadeloupe; and one in the Dominican Republic.

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Aid is being sent to Puerto Rico.

Officials in Puerto Rico were corralling incoming aid as rescue and recovery efforts continued after the storm, Ricardo Rosselló, the governor of Puerto Rico, said on MSNBC on Friday.

“There’s still some rain and, of course, the soils are saturated, so it’s still not safe to go outside,” he said. “We’re still on emergency protocol and our main objective right now is making sure people are safe.”

Mr. Rosselló said that the island was getting generators, mattresses, food and water from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and from others in the private sector.

Officials have established a logistics center, which will receive all incoming aid and then distribute it to 12 zones throughout the island, he said.

“The people of Puerto Rico are really being tremendous under these circumstances,” he said.

Some elderly residents had been found in rural areas without food and necessary medication, Carmen Yulín Cruz, the mayor of San Juan, said on CNN on Friday.

“My biggest fear is that we don’t get to those that need it,” she said. “If we get to an elderly home too late, the situation of care will be disastrous.”

The Dominican Republic appears to have been spared the storm’s full force.

Early reports indicated there was minimal damage to the country. In a statement late Thursday, the Ministry of Tourism said that the tourism industry was not directly impacted by the hurricane. The industry fuels a large portion of the economy. So far in 2017, at least five million tourists have visited the country.

“In the north, the situation is under control despite intermittent rains and moderate winds that have caused some trees to fall,” said Julio Almonte, vice minister of tourism for the Dominican Republic’s northern zone. “We have toured the area and can report that the hotel infrastructure has not suffered any damage and that electricity and water services are working.”

Punta Cana, La Romana and Samaná El Catey airports reopened on Thursday evening.

“So far, no significant damage is reported in the country’s tourist destinations,” said Joel Santos, president of the National Hotel and Tourism Association of the Dominican Republic. “There are cleaning and gardening crews operating to repair some of the things that wind and rain have affected, but fortunately there is nothing that the current protocols and established procedures have not helped us deal with.”

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Hurricane Maria Live Updates: Puerto Rico Faces Recovery Challenges Top News

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Hurricane Maria Live Updates: Puerto Rico Faces Recovery Challenges Top News




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